Pumpkin Hokkaido

Pumpkin Hokkaido

Pumpkin butternut

Pumpkin butternut


Our main variety of lemon (eurka lemon)

Valencia Orange

Navel orange

Orange are usually thin-skinned and have a few seeds. They are considered one of the best orange for juicing.
A medium orange has only about 60 calories provides 116% of the daily value of vitamin C, 13% of dietary fiber, 10% folate, 8% thiamin, 7% potassium, 6% vitamin A, and 5% calcium

Spring Onions

Green Garlic

Garlic (Violate – White)

Onion (Red – Golden)


Fruit similar to Mexican lime but larger, seedier, darker seed coat when cut


Wonderful, R116 and other varites.


Kent, Keitt, Tommy, Kensington Pride and many other varieties are available.

Red Seedless Grapes

Flame, red globe, crimson and autumn royal available.

White Seedless Grapes

Prime, Sugar one.

Sweet potatoes (white)

available late in season, white on the inside


Conventional or Organic certified.

Sweet potatoes (Orange/yellow)

Beauregard sweet potato is the most popular verity for our clients, anther available variety has lighter color and sweeter taste.

Green/String Beans

Packaged in bags or loose in box, cultivated in green houses and open fields


We are licensed by Emco Cal for the following varieties: Florida Fortuna – Florida Festival – Florida Elyana – Sweet Charlie – Winter Dawn – Winterstar